craft studio

{craft room july 2014-}

{craft room july 2013}

we repurposed our small dining into a temporary craft area.  i love that it's open to the living/kitchen area.  and now, i can look out at the garden. here are the latest pics.


in february, i changed to a larger room, and simplified this year.  this was a temporary craft spot.  we will remodel our dining area in the summer.  my husband built a new 6.5' craft table.

we only took a couple of pics during construction, but, they give you the basics of my table. although, we didn't follow her steps-- miss mustardseed has a great step by step tutorial here.

this room has a fireplace.

this cabinet was a xmas gift and holds books, paints, ribbons, scissors, rulers, ect.

baskets and boxes hold everything neatly.

small tools are stored in the drawers.

my die cutter and dies

 my silhouette and supplies.

another xmas gift that holds a ton of sewing notions, card making supplies, jewerly charms, clay.

my husband made this cabinet to hold my sewing/embroidery machine.

another table made by my husband.   he also attached a mini chandelier to the inside of an old birdcase.  below the table is an old suitcase that holds more supplies.  

an old window i painted with chalkboard paint and harlow, my dressform

my husband attached sconce to a door he made from bead board.


{craft room 2012}


{craft room 2011}