Monday, March 2, 2015

some spring, some winter...

it's been too cold in the garage to finish the pantry, so, i'm taking some time to paint, go junking and cooking.  

i found an unfinished tote (40% off) at joanne's, and painted it white.  with spring coming, (i hope soon), i decided to paint bunnies on it.  the lavender and old ironstone finish the look.

my sister  and i went junking last week, and i found this charming little chair for $10.  i just might not paint this one.  it has a worn look that i just love.

it's full of carved details and a cane seat.  it's missing a backing, but, i don't care.

we had a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday...  so i thought i'd share a hot soup recipe.  (i'm learning to cook and it's helped me lose 27 pounds so far:)

my husband and i love olive gardens pasta e fagioli soup.  there are a ton of recipes on pinterest for this soup, but, the ones we've tried just weren't quite right.  then, we tried "copykats recipes" recipe and we loved it.  (pottery barn's ruffled napkins are on sale now)

recently, i bought some herbs-parsley-(i use it in my soup), rosemary and chives.  i am trying to train the rosemary into a topiary.  it doesn't look like much now, but, in a couple of months, i hope it will be full and round.  i followed this video for the how to's.

you basically strip off the bottom 2/3's of the center stalk and cut off all other shoots and wait for it to grow.  here's the rosemary before i gave it a haircut.

that pretty much catches me up-stay warm, everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2015

guest bath projects...

i hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!
i reworked our guest bath recently and wanted to show the changes.  it was dark, dated and tiny when we moved in.  it's bright and cheerful today, thanks to the skylight my husband installed.

and he was able to move a wall and add some footage to the room.  the extra room enabled us to add a cabinet for storage and upgrade the 20" vanity to a 36" vanity.  

i fell in love with this hobby lobby mirror and my son bought it for me as my xmas present.  the sconces were found at  ohio's springfield flea market for only $5 for the pair. the rachel ashwell shades were found years ago at a resale shop.

of course, i painted the mirror and lights.  you can see what the mirror and sconces looked like before.

now, that we have room for a cabinet, my husband took my gothic frame,

and built it into a simple cabinet.  it holds lots of towels now.  i still need to add some fabric or chicken wire behind the door...haven't made up my mind which yet:)

have a great weekend!
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

a new wall, for a new purpose...

as most of you know, we've been working on a pretty big remodel of our kitchen.   there are 3 large projects making up the remodel.

phase one is done--we moved the kitchen to the breakfast room--tons of work, but, i love how it functions and looks.

today, i wanted to share our latest project-phase two.  (you got a sneak peak during my xmas tour of this new space). 

phase two--we removed the old kitchen bar half wall and added a full wall.  it gave great room a new spot for the fireplace and sitting area.  such a difference!

this new wall was needed to move on to the last project.

before                                                                                                     after

phase three--the last phase, (in process now), is a walk in pantry (7' x 5' 5") located behind the new wall, in the space where the old kitchen used to be.   now that the colts lost in the play offs, i think i can nudge my husband to finish the pantry:)
and every xmas, my son gets me a hobby lobby gift card.  i found two cute tables this year.  this is one of them.

chippy cuteness:)

love the tray top!

have a great day and thanks for looking!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the trouble is, you think you have time...

the last day of 2014 is here.

many will be making new years resolutions, planning changes, starting new.
whatever 2015 means to you, i wish you the very best year of your life!

thanks for visiting, the kind comments, emails and tons of inspiration you've shared with me this year:)

see you next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

a xmas card...

a xmas card to you all.  thank you for being a part of my 2014!

wishing you a christmas filled with love and laughter!

merry christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

pillow slips...

i know, this is my 3rd post this week, but, i wanted to show how i did the pillows in my xmas tour post.  

i used white muslin on this pillow.
(i cut my two back fabric pieces on the selvage.  that way, i don't need to hem the back pieces and use less fabric.)

i bought my 14" pillow forms at jo anns (50% off--$6 each).

now, it's time to print out your design onto the iron on transfer paper with your computer.  i used this brand.

the font i used is ld remington portable.  remember to reverse any lettering-i did that in photo shop.  cut out the design as close as possible.

i ironed the design on using the highest setting of my iron for 13-15 seconds.  then, you need to peel the paper backing off  of the pillow while it's still hot or it won't come off smoothly.  

the time varies with the fabric you might use.  do a test piece first.

you can iron on wood, plastic, paper, metal, etc. with this paper.  i hope this all makes sense--tutorials aren't easy for me.  feel free to email me with ?'s!

(other projects where i used the iron on material.)

fabric trees that i sewed.

muslin bags

harper is wearing a name tag now:)

and i sewed a simple 25th to a kitchen towel.

and today is the last day of creating christmas, and it's featuring the fabulous carol from "art and sand" christmas tour!  all of the tour links are open until the 19th, so link up with whichever theme fits your christmas fun!

have a happy holiday season!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

quick white christmas bunting...

this is a quick and easy bunting that makes a great christmas accent.  and after christmas,
just take off the greenery, and you are ready for spring!  i saw a version of this in a store.  they used tiny handkerchief triangles, and it was so cute, so dainty.

this is how i made it.  i cut the corner off of a lacy napkin.  (sorry for the unsightly mat--it's been through alot:)

 then, run a thin line of tacky glue along the back side, and press string into the glue.

in between each bunting and glue a bit of greenery and ribbon.

and you are ready to hang it up.

i hope you've enjoyed the christmas inspirations this week during our linky party!
we've had beautiful posts from alice,  cecilia, and today is jann's turn!  and tomorrow carol will be sharing her darling cottage tour!

pick your theme party and link up before december 19th!

Monday, December 8, 2014

a white christmas...

i'm so excited to be joining jann's creating christmas link party today!  i'm sharing my christmas home tour and at the bottom of my post will be a place for you to link up your white christmas decor/ projects.

this year i bought 3 small trees, this one is a 4 ft charlie brown tree.  it's sitting in an enamel pot, on an old suitcase and under all of  that, is an rusty doll buggy base. 

here's one side of my great room.  i added greens, burlap, and chalkboards to my white house for christmas this year.

and here's the other side.  in the corner is another new tree-this one is flocked.  i made the framed chalkboard with dear lillie's print.  we found the (green) wing back chairs in a junk store and i bought some ruffled slips for them from surefit.

i spent a day sewing several pillow slips using my computer to print the lettering, and iron on material.

i found the cutest little pair of skates and added sweater boot cuffs.

love this kitchen!

my husband just built the hood over the cooktop and i made the cottage sign.

the chunky posts under the sink were just installed.

i filled this new cubbie with wooden snowmen that i made.

the dining room mantle has the wish sign, star and sleigh sign that i made.

and this is the third new tree, a smaller version of the charlie brown tree.

i found the ruffled ticking place mats and vintage white napkins at hortons christmas vendor market.  for name tags this year, i painted wooden shapes with chalkboart paint.

the guest bedroom has a white tree in the corner, wings over the bed and a couple of signs that i made..

i also made the little angel and dressed her in a vintage christening gown.

i have an old floor lamp in my entry that holds a christmas bag filled with gifts.  love this lamp idea from anne:)

the front porch has a large star, tiny snowman and mistletoe pillow that i made.

and another  new sign is on the cottage door.

ok, it's your turn to link up anything white christmas.  (the post will be open until december 19th).  and by sure to check out alice from thoughts from alice tomorrow for some rustic inspiration and another party:)

thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful christmas season!